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In this post, we discuss the factors that led us to this decision. We also share with the community our plans and thoughts going forward. Context The Internet and, by extension, cybersecurity is moving at a breakneck pace, and the proliferation of devices has created a scenario where every attacker can have any device in the wild, which leads to a huge pool of exploitable vulnerabilities. Furthermore, OS vendors and users have made security one of the top priorities, which in turn makes the OS vendors extremely reluctant to introduce any features that might inadvertently make the system less secure. Although some features of old versions of the OS have survived the years, many were removed for the safety and security of the users, which were not the only factor in making this decision. On the other hand, the security industry has a huge economic interest in keeping such vulnerable systems alive. While OS vendors and the community are looking at the problem of application compatibility, the commercial editions of Metasploit are fundamentally dependent on such legacy programs. We have conducted analyses of 32-bit architecture usage for four years, and we have seen clear patterns in usage, which ultimately lead us to this decision. Figure 1 shows the pattern of usage of each supported version of Windows and Linux since 2013. Figure 1. Windows and Linux 32-bit version usage statistics (2013-2016) As we can see, Windows XP is used in a significantly larger number of environments than any other version. This is not surprising since it is still the most widely used version of Windows by organizations, even though it is old. However, Windows 7 is used significantly less than its predecessor. Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008/2012 are used significantly more than any other versions since 2013, even though they are quite recent. On the other hand, Linux only supports the last three major versions—2.6, 2.6.35, and 2.6.37—and they are used significantly less than the previous versions of Linux. In 2016, we observed a sharp decline in usage of the most recent version of Linux (2.6.37). Thus, while it is clearly in the interest of commercial editions of Metasploit to maintain compatibility with Linux versions, we will drop support for these versions after July 5, 2016. On the other hand, these are just our observations. It is not guaranteed that we will observe these patterns in the future. In fact, it is very likely that organizations will use older OS versions in the future, even though




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Metasploit For Windows 32 Bit Download patryarm

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